Wiimote broken screen faker sets up PayPal link to cash in

We've been pretty lenient with Wiimote disaster pictures so far -- we're looking at you, Tyler -- since they're just so dang funny. But now Mr. Mmcheacher had to go and ruin it for everyone by faking a disaster of his own, and expecting people to fork over PayPal dollars to buy him a brand new laptop. Mmcheacher put up a cute little blog with that picture up above, along with a sad story of Wiimote strap-breaking woe, hoping to win some pity dollars with that "cracked LCD" of his, him being a student and all. Next, (for those potential pranksters out there taking notes), Mmcheacher tipped us about the blog, and had a friend tip us 16 minutes later, completing this marvelous deception. Unfortunately for him, that screensaver he's using has been around the internet a time or two, and he's not fooling anyone. Sorry to ruin the party, Mmcheacher -- if that's even your real name -- but perhaps you can try a little harder next time around?

Sorry to ruin the fun, but after this post went up, the aforementioned Mmcheacher (whose real name is Michael Parker McEachern, we've discovered) swapped his tale of woe for a NSFW page of hate, so we pulled the link. Now you'll just have to use your imagination. Or you can email him at or -- maybe he'll send you a screencap.