Army proposes cutbacks, Land Warrior not spared

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Army proposes cutbacks, Land Warrior not spared
Just a few weeks after the Army announced that the first battalion equipped with its high tech Land Warrior gear would be shipping out, it now looks to suddenly be putting the brakes on the program, proposing a $3.3 billion cut to its massive Future Combat Systems initiative. That cost cutting measure would not only take out the entire Land Warrior program, but a number of other futuristic weapons systems as well, and see other projects cut back or shifted to other areas. Of course, as Defense Tech points out, this is just a proposed cut, and given the recent changes at the Defense Department and in Congress, it's entirely possible that the Army will get the funding they want in the end. If not, us humans will have a few less tools at our disposal in our attempts to ward off the inevitable robot uprising.

[Via docinthemachine]
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