Exchange 'Stars' for Wii points in UK

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Exchange 'Stars' for Wii points in UK
are you more of a green star or gold star?UK Nintendo membership holders will finally be able to put their 'Stars' to good use. Earned via codes packaged with Nintendo hardware and software sold in the UK, Stars have been useless (redeemed for wallpaper) until now. Nintendo has announced it will be adding Wii points to the Stars Catalogue.

By linking a Wii Shop Channel account to an online Nintendo membership, Wii owners will soon be able to put their Stars toward Virtual Console purchases (by way of Wii points). But it gets better: completing a survey upon purchasing a VC title will transfer some new Stars back to your membership. It's almost like the VC games are paying for themselves -- but not quite. We're willing to bet the 'Stars to Wii points' exchange rate ain't so hot.
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