Today's hottest game video: Halo 3 "Starry Night" ad dissected [update 1]

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|12.08.06

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Today's hottest game video: Halo 3 "Starry Night" ad dissected [update 1]
Since the Halo 3 ad has been chewing up the online gaming video charts, it's about time someone took a look at it in ultra-close detail. has the top-rated video today that dissects things under a microscope, and basically says everything about the ad that you've been thinking. You can practically hear the drooling in their voices as they go over the video. Plus it nicely shows off the video playing capability of the Xbox 360 if you haven't seen it before.

While there is no new information here, it's totally what we're all thinking about and anticipating, unless you're waiting on Hello Kitty Island Adventure to become a reality. It's a strange day and age when we're basically getting what amounts to a commentary track on a commercial for a game that won't be out for many months. Bring it on already.

[Update: due to a technical glitch we like to call "idiocy," the wrong video was uploaded. This has been fixed and all responsible parties sacked.]
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