BT-Q920 GPS receiver includes FM transmitter for over-the-air MP3s

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
December 11th, 2006
BT-Q920 GPS receiver includes FM transmitter for over-the-air MP3s
What with standalone Bluetooth-based GPS receivers getting smaller all the time, it's natural to assume that there's a limit to how small said devices can get, which will inevitably lead to manufacturers adding features that are peripheral to the original intended purpose in an attempt to differentiate their own offering from the competition. Qstarz appears to be one of the first companies to take this route, specifically by offering an MP3 player and FM transmitter as an option on its latest unit, the BT-Q920. Although the product's official page has no mention of MP3s nor a card slot to store them on, and the device itself seems extremely sparse on controls, PocketPCReviews claim to have a review unit on its way and they insist that it'll be able to play MP3s thanks to that transmitter. Other than the somewhat extraneous multimedia functionality, the BT-Q920 seems to be your standard receiver rocking the popular SiRF Star III chipset. No word on pricing or availability either, but we'll be sure to keep you abreast of any future developments with this or anything else in the field of GPS gimmicks.

[Via PocketPCReviews]
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