EOS' Wireless iPod Speaker System does multi-room audio for less

Multi-room audio systems tend to come with big price tags, so EOS Wireless is definitely onto something by pricing its Wireless iPod Speaker System -- which includes a base station, a remote control, and one set of wireless speakers -- at $299, with additional speaker sets being a reasonable $129. You better be alright with getting up from your seat every now and again to change songs, though, because that budget price means you won't get a remote out of the deal. Still, the supposedly "WiFi-friendly" speakers can be placed up to 150 feet away from the base station, and you can look forward to CD-quality sound as well. Up to four speakers can be used at one time, although sadly each speaker will only play one song: probably due in no small part to its relatively low price, this is a multiple room, but not multiple audio stream solution. Expect to see the system launch in March 2007, and if you're interested, keep your eye out for EOS's homepage relaunch on January 6 of next year.