Hulger offers up pricey wooden Ziricote*PHONE

If you thought these newfangled Treos were pricey, well, you're probably correct, but they don't have nuthin' on the likes of the Black Diamond, Gresso, and Hulger's Ziricote*PHONE. Following the mantra that regardless of price, someone will buy it, the firm has given its retro-styled PIP*PHONE a wooden makeover, thrown in some preserving wax, and jacked the price sky high. Built from that oh-so-coveted Ziricote hardwood, this handset comes in its own collector's box (also made from wood, go figure), rocks built-in Bluetooth, and "can be linked to all mobile and VoIP devices." This "one of a kind" gizmo will be on display at the Digital Wellbeing Showroom and can be picked up soon for £2,000 ($3,923) directly from Hulger.

[Via Slashgear]