Metareview: Star Wars Lethal Alliance

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Metareview: Star Wars Lethal Alliance
There's something lethal about this game. How bad it is. When a publisher decides not to hype a game, and let it silently release to the masses, you know something's going on. Let's see what went wrong, according to the critics:
  • Gamespot (71/100) enjoyed the game quite a bit, noting good ideas marred by poor controls - "The analog stick isn't conducive to subtle movement, so most of your "mission failed" screens are the result of control struggles. The shooting portions are standard fare"
  • Games Radar (50/100) thought the game was a bore - "Star Wars: Lethal Alliance is the very definition of mediocre. The storyline isn't integral enough to the gameplay experience to really snag fans, and the gameplay won't do much for anyone else. It's cool to finally play a Twi'lek, but if Lethal Alliance is any indication, they should really stick to dancing."
  • GameDaily (50/100) notes the game's poor controls as well - "Unfortunately, the poor mission design keeps this game from being a must buy. Ubisoft relied on old game ideas, such as not being able to leave a room until all enemies have been killed, or back tracking through the same bland looking environment instead of throwing the player something new. On top of that, Rianna's targeting system sucks."
Star Wars games have been notorious for being either amazing or merely mediocre. It's unfortunate to see that we got the latter.
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