Power Glove mod merges with Wiimote

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
December 10th, 2006
Power Glove mod merges with Wiimote
For all of those people out there who didn't manage to grab a Wii at launch -- and probably won't be able to until next year -- there comes a moderate form of compensation in seeing what crazy Wii-themed mods people who did have come up with. The latest to pop up is one that retro-loving Nintendo fans will surely appreciate: a fully functional Wiimote Power Glove, complete with working finger buttons. The burst of nostalgia at seeing the Wii-glove in action is definitely enough to last us until the next Wii shipment, although we can't quite shake the nagging concern that this guy must have spent a whole lot of time not playing his Wii in order to create it.

[Via Slashgear]
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