ARTMU's ePHOTOZIP DEF-080PM digital picture frame

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ARTMU's ePHOTOZIP DEF-080PM digital picture frame
While most electronic photo frames these days are doing their darnedest to look just like their analog counterparts, the ePHOTOZIP DEF-080PM from ARTMU Museum of Art wears its digital-ness loud and proud. And why shouldn't it? The 8-inch screen, 128MB of built-in memory and SD/MMC or Memory Stick expansion are nothing to sneeze at, and the addition of MP3 playback and calendar functions are welcome. We really wouldn't have minded a bit of Flickr/RSS functionality in this thing, but the 250,000 won pricetag ($272 US) probably wouldn't allow such fancies anyways. The ePHOTOZIP looks to be available now -- Korea only, of course.

[Via Akihabara]
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