Mario runs in the family

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|12.12.06

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Mario runs in the family

It is no surprise when gamer kids get their gaming love from their parents. We are happy to see this happen and in fact encourage it. Especially when it stems from Mario Bros.

What started as a love for games back in the late 70's spanned to a family love for a certain plumber and his brother. This pair dress up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween each year and the kids room is nothing short of impressive. His mother and grandmother even helped out by supplying him Mario curtains and a comforter set. His walls show images of each game and painted as a border is Mario and a few items from his games.

There are a ton of pics to view of "Mario" in his room and a few of the family when they aren't displaying their fandom.

[Via QJ Net]

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