Rumor: Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta to be released soon

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|12.11.06

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Laurie A. Duncan
December 11, 2006 8:00 PM
Rumor: Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta to be released soon
Think Secret is reporting that unnamed sources have advised them that Adobe will be releasing a beta of the Photoshop CS3 Universal Binary as early as this week.

In true Adobe fashion, however (and assuming it's true, which we don't really know) Open GL-based image zooming, which is what will make CS3 "feel" so fast, will be disabled in beta - and it might not even be ready when they release the final product! Is there a new definition of "final" that I'm not aware of?

The other catch, if this rumor is true, is that The Photoshop CS3 public beta won't really be public at all. It will be open only to registered owners of Photoshop CS2 and a valid serial number will be required to download the beta, which will be the "standard" version, not the "premium" version. Details on what features differentiate "
standard" from "premium" are still fuzzy, however.

Enterprise and Pro users will likely rejoice if this rumor is true, but why must all Mac-love coming from Adobe these days be so conditional and half-hearted?
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