Sony marketers are horrible liars, pretend to run fansite

Blake Snow
B. Snow|12.12.06

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Blake Snow
December 12th, 2006
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PSP fansites are popping up all over the internet. The demand for the portable system is at an all-time high as enthusiasts can't contain themselves. Rather, they opt to start seasonal fansites evangelizing the portable's many benefits not to mention its huge list of AAA and exclusive games. PSP fansite All I Want For Xmas is a PSP is no different. It was started by two "kids" -- one of which raps and looks disturbingly old for a kid -- in an effort to entice their parents to buy them a PSP for Christmas. Furthermore, the site only uses lower case letters, always references "two" as "2," embraces hip phrases like "here's the deal," publishes fake user-generated comments like "this is the best site ever" under the alias of True Gamer, and posts homemade rap videos full of stage props and trite "izzies." The above video is sure to reach the top spot on YouTube by tomorrow. It just screams street cred.

The only problem is the registered domain where this lame video is posted is owned by a marketing company called Zipatoni, presumably one hired by Sony. And we can't think of an individual stupid enough to post such a video only to get laid into worse than the Star Wars kid had it. I won't even quote the atrocious lyrics for fear you might throw up a little in your mouth after hearing. You almost had us, Zipatoni. Almost!!! Dense marketers usually do an excellent job in fooling ignorant consumers with such authenticity.

[via Something Awful; indeed it is]
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