Honor gain reduced by 30%

Two days ago:

Drysc says if anything, prices of PVP items will drop, not go up.

Today, after maintenance: Honor gain has been nerfed by 30% across the board.

It's no secret that players were thrilled with the new PVP system. Honor points were plentiful, and PVP gear seemed right around the corner for many players who'd never had the time to grind the system in the past. But Neth says that the effort currently required is "lower than intended," and that the honor gain was reduced (in essence, honor prices were raised by 30% 42%*-- the exact opposite of what we were told two days ago) to counteract that.

Players are furious. Ceace, who kindly dropped us a note about this (thanks!), asks why other solutions weren't considered-- why didn't they put a curve on the honor gain, or even a limit on how many points could be earned per day? With rested XP, Blizzard has come up with an innovative way to give a bonus to players who don't play the PVE as often. But the devs seem intent on punishing those who don't play PVP as much. This isn't the end of the world for casual PVPers (honor points don't decay, so you'll still get that gear eventually), but it does seem to be a little out of line, considering how much people liked the new system, and what we were told about the honor prices.

At any rate, fallout from this is just beginning. I'm sure you'll find more in the comments below.

*Update: A few commenters say this means prices have actually risen by 42.8%. I'm terrible at math-- anyone want to comment below and walk us through the equation?