Access Linux Platform delayed until "first half of 2007" [Updated]

Earlier this year (wow, February seems like an eternity ago), we told you how Access was going to relaunch and rebrand the next version of Palm OS, called Access Linux Platform, which was supposed to be in the hands of licensees by the end of the year. Well, the end of 2006 is almost upon us, and now Access has announced that the version won't get to developers until sometime "in the first half of 2007." We're guessing that translates to "we've got no product" for now, and guys, we're bummed. Still, this has no apparent effect on Palm, given that it has no immediate plans to use ALP -- it's sticking to licensing Palm OS Garnet from Access. And yes, that's the same ol' version Palm's been using since the beginning of recorded time. No bitterness here.

[Via Phone Scoop]

Update: Access now says that a pre-release version of ALP PDK will be out by year's end "to select licensees, and a pre-release version of the ACCESS Linux Platform SDK [will be available] to select registered developers before the end of this year, and that general availability would be in the first half of 2007." [Source: PalmInfocenter]