Best of 2006 nominations: Server, Class, Guild

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.13.06

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Best of 2006 nominations: Server, Class, Guild
It's that time of year again-- a chill is in the air, snow is on the ground, the holidays are here... and publications all over the place are proclaiming their year-end lists, a chance to look back at the past year, and pick out what we'll remember most in the years to come.

This year, WoW Insider is no different. We're going to put together a list of the best of ten different categories from all over Azeroth. We'll honor everything great that this game has to offer (and even something we don't really want to remember). But we need your help. All this week, we'll be posting and asking for your nominations in a number of different categories. Look for these "Best of 2006 Nominations" posts every single day this week, and you'll be able to register what you think about the different categories we post that day. Then, all next week, we'll be doing a series of Best of 2006 posts, where we'll honor all the best that the World of Warcraft has to offer, just in time for the end of the year.

Today, we're asking for your nominations in three categories: Server of the Year, Class of the Year, and Guild of the Year. Post your nominations for those three categories below. Sure, you could post your own Server, Class, or Guild, but try to think of one for each that has really led the vanguard this year in World of Warcraft-- for Guild of the Year, you could let us know about a guild that did something really amazing for its members. Or for Class of the Year, you could recognize one class that really came into its own this year, or one class that stood firm against the sea of QQing, or actually QQed enough to get what they wanted with the CMs.

Anyway, go wild: we want your noms today for Best Server, Class, and Guild of 2006. All this week, keep your eyes open for more nominations posts like this one-- we've got ten different categories to go through. And next week, we'll be announcing the winners of the WoW Insider Best of 2006. Stay tuned, and thanks in advance for giving us your opinion to help pick the best that 2006 has to offer.
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