Cowboys' new stadium to get over 20,000 square feet of video screen

If there were ever any doubts that they do things bigger in Texas, let them be dispelled here and now: the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium -- whose plans were unveiled at a star-studded event in Arlington last night -- is nothing less than a marvel of modern engineering. Not only will it be the biggest domed stadium in the world upon its completion in 2009, it will also hold the title of world's largest column-free room, and house what officials are dubbing the biggest center-hung video board on the planet. Clearly not content with having just one ginormous screen, however, the Cowboys opted for a four-display setup, with the endzone-facing panels measuring in at 48 feet by 27 feet and the sideline-facing monoliths dwarfing all those which came before it at an incredible 180 feet wide by 50 feet high. That translates to exactly 9,000 square feet of video real estate per display, with a 2,241-inch diagonal. To put these monsters in perspective, the scoreboard at Dolphin Stadium and "Godzillatron" at Royal-Memorial Stadium only rock 6,850 square foot and 7,370 square foot areas, respectively; even the mighty HDTV recently installed at the Tokyo Racetrack can only boast a square footage of about 8,066. Some fans are already complaining about skyrocketing ticket prices to pay for the billion-dollar stadium (only $325 million of that will be publicly financed), but when you're talking about Texas, where football is king, it seems completely appropriate that "America's Team" should have a suitable castle to hold court in.

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