Kenwood Media Keg reviewed

While the phrase "world's smallest disk-based digital audio player" will likely be enough to convince some to thrown down the Yen for Kenwood's latest Media Keg, the good folks at Impress' AV Watch nevertheless decided to check out the player for themselves to see how the rest of its features stack up. You'll have to take this with the usual machine translation caveats, of course, but from what we can tell, they seem to give the player a decent recommendation, though not without finding a few faults. While they were obviously impressed with the player's size, as well as its sound quality, they found the player's 1-inch hard drive to be noticeably slower than the larger 1.8-inch models used in other players, putting a drag on both transfer speeds and overall operating speed. Also working against it is the price -- a full 40,000 Yen ($340) -- which definitely means you're paying quite a premium for the player's small size. But what else is new?