Nokia lets E61i, E65 cats out of the bag

We'd already seen some shots slip of what we'd then identified as the E62i, but thanks to sharp eyes over at All About Symbian poring over Nokia's user agent profile list, it sounds like the E61 / E62's successor may ultimately come to be known simply as the E61i. That little tidbit of information isn't terribly interesting in and of itself -- they can call it "Espoo" for all we care -- but the profiles also reveal a few key specs that the Nokia (and QWERTY) fanboys among us will be happy to hear. First up, the E61i will come in two variants, one with 3G data and one without, suggesting that the latter might succeed the E62 in American markets while the former will carry the torch in Europe. It'll also make a switch from miniSD to microSD expansion and add a camera -- possibly bad news for those corporate suit types whose business don't allow shutterbugs on the premises. Also revealed is the E65, a phone we've never seen, though All About Symbian suggests it may be a slider (a la N80). Specs include a QVGA display, 3G data, microSD expansion, WiFi, and a camera. Neither phone is listed as running Nokia's latest S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (which seems odd for any new S60 goodies in the pipeline) which means that A2DP probably isn't in the cards and the aforementioned 3G radios will likely top out with UMTS, not HSDPA. Be that as it may, we're not going to draw any premature conclusions and let rampant speculation get the best of us, but the sooner you could officially reveal these, the better -- mkay, Nokia?

[Via All About Symbian]