Nokia "E62i" spotted?

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Paul Miller
November 14th, 2006
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Nokia "E62i" spotted?
Sure, Nokia knows how to make solid phone, and we hear they even manage move a few units, but if there's one thing Nokia hasn't quite nailed yet -- for whatever reason -- is that thin is in. Well, it doesn't look like they're planning on winning any prizes in this arena just yet (though that N75 is dang close), but some blurry camphone shots of a supposed "E62i" successor to the E61/62 qwerty handhelds points to a marked slimming of the phone, and every mm counts in a world of smartphones like the Excalibur, Q and Pearl. From the pics, it's apparent Nokia has also added a couple of face buttons, swapped the 5-way joystiq for a welcome new flat button, and added a camera. It's hard to tell from the pics if any other dimensions have gone under the knife in the interest of making this thing a bit more pocketable, but we definitely like where this one is headed. We're otherwise in the dark for specs, but supposedly "confirmation" is headed our way near the end of November. Keep reading for a couple more pics.

[Thanks, JC]

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