OLPC's pull-string power system going commercial

While some of the parts of the OLPC's XO laptop are still coming together (like the UI), other parts are ready to rock, commercial-style. As we previously saw in a slide showing NickNeg's pull-string power generator (pictured), the theory is that kids will be able to juice up their lappies with the tug of a string, ideally 10 minutes of use for every one minute of pulling. While no laptop with this generator is available yet, that hasn't stopped new startup Potenco from commercializing the power supply, even before the XO is ready to hit the global streets. The company recently claimed at the NEXT2006 conference in Copenhagen that a minute of pulling will yield an hour of light, 25 minutes of talk time on a cellphone, 230 minutes of iPod shuffle use, or 45 minutes on a Nintendo DS. But, as OLPC News points out, no one's really sure how many minutes of XO use that will translate into. We'll let you know how much they cost and when you can get one to charge every gadget in your life once Potenco actually starts selling 'em. Until then, you might want to start practicing with your nearest yo-yo or salad spinner.

[Via OLPC News]

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