OS X running on Asus R2H: Mac tablet at last, sort of

While we all just sit around, twiddling our thumbs in tense anticipation of Apple finally releasing the tablet device it's had patented for some time now, Igor is making things happen. No, his discovery wasn't exactly unearthing the long-awaited Apple tablet from a secret vault in Cupertino, but he did manage to get OS X 10.4.7 up and running on his Asus R2H UMPC. Sure, Peter Green's home-crafted MKIII (vid after the jump) was svelte in its own homegrown way, but installing Apple's own operating system on a tried and true Wintel machine is a feat worthy of praise. Although the nitty gritty of the process is scant, Igor notes that he installed OS X "JaS Patched" and also utilized an SSE2 patch to get things moving along; he stated that the installation itself "had no problems," and was quite simple (albeit time consuming) once things got rolling. Moreover, the only quirks he's experienced thus far is the inability for OS X to render the 800 x 480 resolution natively, which snips a few precious pixels of desktop space. Overall, we'd say things must be working out fairly well, as he even goes so far as to proclaim OS X as "his only operating system" installed on the UMPC -- bravo Igor, bravo.