Skype taking a stand against lying liars

If you're an avid Skype user, and you aren't entirely honest some most of the time, you should probably watch what you say from here on out. While auditory lie detectors have definitely been around, BATM is manufacturing a dedicated fib sniffer made to work specifically with Skype. The KishKish Lie Detector will be offered up as a "Skype add-on," and will reportedly analyze audio streams over a Skype conversation in real time and "illustrate the stress level" of the other person -- you know, in case you can't quite pick up the quivering on your own. Moreover, users will be able to "record calls for delayed analysis" in case you need to comb things over once you've cooled your jets. While we've got no qualms with getting down to the truth, we can't help but think this gizmo's a tad on the creepy side of things, but it's sure to please suspicious Skype users everywhere when it rolls out sometime in the future (we promise).

[Via SmartMobs]