Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 confirmed for DS [update 1]

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|12.16.06

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I've got one...I'm an engineer.
I've got one...I'm an engineer.
I've got one...I'm an engineer.Back when the "Ivalice Alliance" was announced and a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was unveiled, there was some confusion over which handheld system would reap the rewards. Surely, the DS is the hottest thing since the SN 1054 supernova in the Crab Nebula, but the "Advance" moniker was unsettling.

Just kidding. No it wasn't. Square-Enix aren't a bunch of fools, and with the intense support they've been showing lately toward the machine of the future, this announcement was merely a formality. Hopefully, FFTA2 won't be a mess of obscure gameplay rules and can bring back what made the original Tactics so great ... Calculators.

[Update 1: Wrong frackin' blog!]
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