$100 gift card free with Xbox 360 purchase [update 1]

Again, the holiday deals just keep rolling in. This week at Toys R Us when you purchase a Xbox 360 premium pack you'll get a free $100 Toys R Us gift card. The offer looks to be only available in-store as we haven't been able to unearth any information on their website. This has to be one of the best deals on a new 360 purchase in a while, especially for parents who need to pick up other gifts at the toys retailer with the $100 gift card. Or you can totally be a hardcore gamer and pick up a game or two, maybe an extra controller, or even some candy! Spend your $100 gift card wisely.

Update 1: Replaced post's image with actual Sunday adscan. Having proof is a good thing.

[Thanks, Darrien W.]