Heightened Rumor: Metal Gear Solid 4 not a PS3 exclusive

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Heightened Rumor: Metal Gear Solid 4 not a PS3 exclusive

The rumors that Metal Gear Solid 4 is not a PS3 exclusive continue to snowball. A little over a month ago came the first wave of speculation and the idea even graced the cover of EGM. Fanboys screamed and raged, "Kojima-san owes way too much to Sony to stab them in the back like this, his honour would be tarnished forever and the Japanese care deeply about their honour." Konami's PR simply said, "Metal Gear 4 [sic] is a PS3 title."

Now website Noooz states they have "exclusive" information that MGS4 is coming to Xbox 360. We spoke directly with the editor of Noooz, Daniel Boutros, who has been around the industry for a good bit. He says his source for the information is quite high up, "I rarely run with anything unless I'm 100% confident. I rarely break news stories as you can see." He jokes that from now on he's sticking to opinion pieces after the storm of comments his site received.

Boutros' source says that MGS4 will be coming to the Xbox 360 shortly after the PS3 release. The source says Konami is concerned that there will still not be enough PS3 units out there to make the game profitable. This is the same rationale being used by many publishers, including Ubisoft, to jump off the exclusive bandwagon. Somebody has to pay the bills and the wider the net, the more money publishers will make. We, along with probably everyone else, will be following up with Konami and Microsoft for comment tomorrow. This story isn't going away until somebody sneaks up on it from behind, chokes it senseless and drags it into a storage locker.

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