Installing Zune firmware v1.2... also sucked

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.19.06

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Installing Zune firmware v1.2... also sucked

We've made our feelings known about the Zune: we're not huge fans, yet. See, Microsoft has made it pretty clear they view the Zune as a work in progress, which they hope to improve in functionality through future firmware updates. So you can imagine we've been waiting on edge for the first Zune update to roll since its launch last month -- and that came today in the form of version 1.2 (the previous version was 1.1 build 322). According to the software installer "This required update will help enhance stability and performance," but we weren't given any more information than that as to what it actually does. So we popped in the Zune to our now fully-functional software, and it pushed through the update data in about six seconds, tops. And then we began to wait for the device to update. And wait. And wait some more. We waited nearly 15 minutes for the update to complete -- no luck. Even bad offenders like our Series2 TiVo doesn't take that long to update its software, so we had a choice -- pull the plug and risk a brick, or wait it out. We canceled the update and pulled the plug, and thankfully the unit still worked. So we tried the update again. No luck. And then restarted the computer and tried again -- and then the update took and we've got v1.2 goin' on. Looks like three time's a charm for us. Not a huge deal, but 10 minutes spent in limbo wondering if our Zune was about to brick is not really something we're so hot about. Oh, what's it do differently? Well besides loading icons and scrolling a tad faster through lists and menus, not much so far as we can tell.

[Thanks, Mike]

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