C.A.T.S.eye's new solar-powered Trackable Clothing gig

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C.A.T.S.eye's new solar-powered Trackable Clothing gig
The last couple of times we spotted C.A.T.S.eye, they were busy tracking down valuables, which is all well and good, but we'd really prefer to just hold onto our stuff in the first place, thanks. Now they're getting into the safety game with some new wearable tracking devices designed for "individuals who work or play in dangerous environments." The Trackable Clothing line will include high visibility safety jackets, outdoors sports jackets, and school backpacks, all of which will include a solar-powered material to power the device. Tracking takes place through a hybrid of GPS and RF, and the wearer should be detectable even if trapped under snow. The clothes will be on display at CES this January and eventually available to military and security personnel. No word yet on when exactly these will hit the market.

[Via The Raw Feed]
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