MotorStorm rushed to Japan (and it shows)

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MotorStorm rushed to Japan (and it shows)
purdy, but superficialAn IGN staffer calls the Japanese version of MotorStorm "the most featureless racer I've ever played." The hurried release lacks both online and offline multiplayer, time attack and free run modes, and basic settings for number of racers and lap count. But trim doesn't equal fast, as load times stretch to the 45-second mark; even vehicle selection is bogged down by model load-ins (and you'll have to break out the manual for vehicle stat comparisons).

Still, IGN holds out hope for the "real" version of MotorStorm (expected to launch in March), anticipating "one of the finest racing experiences ever." How a racer can be both utterly featureless and "the most technically impressive game I've ever played" is a bit of an enigma to us, but IGN has certainly been impressed by MotorStorm's potential. PlayStation 3's first must-have? Not yet.
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