PS2 controller on Xbox 360, keyboard n' mouse too

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PS2 controller on Xbox 360, keyboard n' mouse too
PS3 adapter in the centerAt $79.99, TeamXtender's XFPS 360, a keyboard and mouse adapter that also sports a PlayStation 2 device port, is no impulse buy. But, aside from being an obvious investment for PC-trained gamers, XFPS 360 promises some bizarre possibilities by way of its PS2 port. Never mind that wielding your Dual Shock 2 to rip apart the Locust is so inappropriately rad, dude, try pluggin' in your (Guitar Hero) guitar and thrashing RAAM to death!

The XFPS 360 is scheduled to ship in early January via Video Game Advantage (official retailer of TeamXtender products).

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]
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