D-Link's DSL-510 MediaLounge streams HD... over Ethernet (yawn)

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Thomas Ricker
December 20th, 2006
D-Link's DSL-510 MediaLounge streams HD... over Ethernet (yawn)

D-Link just busted out another MediaLounge wireless media player: the DSM-510. This 1080i, HD streamer (over fixed 10/100 Ethernet, only) sports 802.11b/g WiFi for less demanding media (music, pictures, etc), and streams via Microsoft's Windows Media Connect or any UPnP media servers. The device supports a decent set of codecs: video support includes MPEG-1/2/4, WMV9, XVID with MP3 or PCM, AVI (MPEG-4 layer only) and DVR-MS; MP3, WAV Audio, WMA and AIFF (PCM only) and Ogg Vorbis audio; JPEG and JPEG2000, TIFF 9 (RGB only), non-compressed BMP, PNG and GIF images. Oh, and this model receives a Viiv certification as well. Like the DSM-520 we saw in March, the 510 features HDMI and composite outs as well as optical digital audio for 5.1-channel sound. Fine, we know D-Link is doing the best they can given the sorry state of high-speed, in-home, wireless (and wired) technologies. But damn, what everyone really wants is hi-def streaming gear based on ratified 802.11n, HD over UWB, or Wireless HDMI. Product, please?

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