Fake downgrader angers homebrew community

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Andrew Yoon
December 20th, 2006
Fake downgrader angers homebrew community
Downgraders are popular in the PSP homebrew scene, as they can revert a PSP to an earlier firmware which can more readily play homebrew applications. However, one type of motherboard prevents such modifications: the TA-082. When someone called dark_thug released a downgrader for TA-082 PSPs, people were skeptical. The community, however, embraced it with open arms.

Until they realized it was a fake. Chaos Zero, who originally released the malfunctioning program to the masses, went on record, publically apologizing for the whole incident. As stated on PSP-HaXors, "It was fake, and we've all seen fakes in the past. And will probably continue to see them. Instead of pointing fingers at the testers, it's better to just move on."

While it doesn't appear any PSP systems were bricked during this incident, it is scary to know that there are malicious people out there trying to create hoax programs that could potentially harm your PSP. While some of the benefits of homebrew may seem appealing, there are certainly a few dangers that come with the territory.

[Via PSP Hacks]
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