More PSone titles... in Japan, at least

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More PSone titles... in Japan, at least
The dozen or so people that own both a PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP in Japan will be able to play new old PSone games tomorrow, using the newly released 3.03 firmware. The titles, all at a low price of 525 yen, include:
  1. R-TYPE
  2. Migi Hadari USA
  3. Tail of the Sun
  5. Global Force: Shin Sentou Kokka
  6. Gekisou Tomarunner
  7. Little Princess (Marl Kingdom)
  8. The Combini (Ano Machi o Dokusen seyo)
  9. Mister Driller
Wasn't Mr. Driller supposed to be out at launch? I wonder what PSone games are heading over to the states (if any).

[Via Games & Gadgets]
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