Wii version of Madden uses Forecast Channel? (update 1)

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David Hinkle
December 20th, 2006
Wii version of Madden uses Forecast Channel? (update 1)
What started as a rumor has been confirmed to be true: Madden 07 for the Wii uses the Forecast Channel to determine weather for games. That's pretty awesome, if you ask us, as we're from Philly and are very much into sports. Adding another dynamic such as this to the experience can only improve our love for the title as it destroys ceilings and shoots off into the stratosphere.

It's all pretty easy, asking that you only set the game to read from the system client and upon starting the game, you'll see your current default city's weather in-game. Cool for us, as weather in Philly ranges, but if you're in some place such as Seattle, well it could get kind of boring after you've played your 8th or so game in a row with rain. Obviously, if your team plays in a dome, this doesn't apply ...

[Thanks Brandon!]

[Update: Looks like we were all fooled! This indeed is not the case and it turns out the person who confirmed this was just lucky the first go around and found it to not consistently work. We apologize for the error.]
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