Beta Beat: Parallels puts beta 2 goodness in stockings

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Michael Rose
December 21st, 2006
Beta Beat: Parallels puts beta 2 goodness in stockings
Mere days before the big sleigh ride, Parallels has kicked out Beta 2 of the next Parallels Desktop. This build features improvements to Coherence mode, Boot Camp compatibility, USB2 high-speed support (no audio/video in, but HDs and printers are OK), CD burning, Coherence mode app-docking and hide/show integration... busy busy busy.

The beta support forum at Parallels is pages deep with issues and caveats on the first round of the beta, especially with respect to Boot Camp partition support. Apparently the bug that prevented use of FAT32-format volumes has been corrected, but please proceed with caution; you can track issues with the new build on this thread. Owners of the current PD release can use existing activation codes with the beta, and newbies can request a trial key.

[via MacTech]
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