GlobalSat launches Google-friendly GPS data logger

We enjoyed our run with the Nike+iPod, but it was a one trick pony. On the other hand, who wants to carry around something like the LOOX N100 when you just want to track coordinates? If there was only a simple GPS data logger -- something that could monitor our speed, altitude, location, perhaps even at defined intervals; throw in a built-in USB cable and the ability to run on regular batteries, and we'd have a winner. Well the GlobalSat DG-100 offers all these qualities plus the ability to export all that data goodness into a format readable by Google Earth and Google Maps. Granted it won't play nice with our iPods, but at least we can also use it as a GPS receiver to help us find the social. Currently it is available for pre-order, but we've got zero info on availability or price.

[Via Navigadget]