I-O Data offers up 1TB and 2TB LANDISK Tera NAS drives

I-O Data is back on the RoHS-compliant NAS trail again, as its new LANDISK Tera offers up a secure, environmentally-friendly way to stash and share your data over a network. The new drive comes in both 1TB and 2TB flavors, supports RAID 5, boasts four hot-swappable bays, and now features AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, this data cube comes dressed in all black, keeps your data under lock and key, and even touts a secondary security lock that can only be accessed with your chipped USB thumb drive. Aside from touting gigabit Ethernet, you'll also find support for Windows Active Directory and a data tracking feature to keep watch over who moves your precious files. Both units can be snapped up sometime next month, and while the 1TB variety will run you ¥99,800 ($846), the 2TB edition will demand ¥168,000 ($1,424).

[Via Akihabara News]