Paradox hacks Red Steel, releases the ISO into the wild

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Paul Miller
December 21, 2006 6:22 PM
Paradox hacks Red Steel, releases the ISO into the wild

With Xbox 360 and PS3 games getting ISO-dumped right and left, it's about time the Wii got a little taste of hacker-dom. The famed "Paradox" group of hackers did the honors this time, and went so far as to upload the ISO of Red Steel for your DVD burning pleasure. Of course, you still can't actually play such burned discs on the Wii -- though Paradox seems to think such a hack is right around the corner -- and then there's always the whole illegal part of this equation, but if you already own a copy of the game and are just looking into modding your Wii for, erm, educational purposes, we don't really see what's stopping you. There is the fact that you'll probably need an in with these folks to get ahold of the torrent at the moment, but that shouldn't be too terribly hard to do.

[Thanks, Bob T]
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