Samsung's tiny 3 megapixel CIS: another "world's first"

What would a day be without another "world's first" announcement from Samsung. Today's stretch comes in the form of the "world's first 3 megapixel CMOS image sensor with a 1/4-inch lens aperture" for use in Ultra-slim cellphones. Someone please, alert Guinness. Hyperbole aside, the CIS shares the same dimensions as the current lot of 2 megapixel CIS modules found in today's slimsters. So yeah, we're looking at any easy bump in specs for manufactures as it's a like-for-like component swap. We can expect to see the 3 megapixel CIS in our cellphones mid-2007 as mass production ramps in Q1. According to market research quoted by Samsung, 38% of all cameraphones will be equipped with 3 megapixel cams in 2008. Damn, at that rate, 10 megapixel ubiquity is a long way out.