Most popular TUAW posts of the year

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Most popular TUAW posts of the year
Looking back from December it's easy to find great posts that were both a hit with us here at TUAW as well as with you out there in reader-land. Here are some of our most popular-by-traffic posts from the year. Which were your favorites? Or did we miss one that really stuck with you? Let us know in the comments.

Cook Breakfast With Your Macbook
Okay, there aren't really people sautee'ing their eggs on the Macbooks, but it's nice to know that the proof-of-concept is there.

Screenshots from the latest Leopard build
Shhhhhh! Don't tell Steve. These shots date from October.

WWDC Keynote Coverage
Get all the news as it happened. It's history now, but it was live and exciting back then.

Walkthrough iTunes 7's big new features
The big changes and how they affected iTunes.

ATech's Toilet Paper Dispenser iPod Dock
This one still gives us the giggles--and the tunes.

Apple's agenda for the media event
It's...Showtime! Or at least it was back in September.

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