QuickPlayer does "audiocasts" for BlackBerry

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|12.22.06

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QuickPlayer does "audiocasts" for BlackBerry
Streaming content just got a little more bountiful for (some) BlackBerry users -- but at a cost. QuickPlay Media has launched QuickPlayer for BlackBerry, doing for podcasts "audiocasts" what SonaMobile has done for video by streaming audio content to the normally multimedia-challenged devices. QuickPlayer rolls deep with 100+ channels of content in pretty much every conceivable category from name-brand providers, though users will be paying $7.95 a month to do so. RIM's 7130e, 8700 series, and Pearl are currently supported, so grab the player download (if you've got a decent data plan, that is) and start listening to those Accuweather forecasts in style.

[Via Pinstack]
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