Imaginality Unleashed combines 3D modeling with 2D paper

When we muck around with 3D-type stuff, it's usually limited to late-night sessions on Google Earth. But apparently these model simulations can get a little bit more interactive, if people start using Mindspace Solutions' latest release: "Imaginality Unleashed." Apparently after you print out the company's "paddles" -- which from what we can tell are just pieces of paper with various geometric shapes on them -- a USB webcam is able to identify the unique markers, and the interactive fun begins. (This is no "floating visual" display," mind you, but is probably a heckuva lot cheaper.) But beyond that, we're not really sure how this whole getup actually works. However, if you find yourself with more time than you know what to do with during your holiday vacation, you can check out their "Christmas Mirror module" that allows you to "become Santa, a reindeer or a snowman" and the "3D Multiplication module." The first one sorta makes sense, but we've got zero idea what that latter option is all about.