AOC launches ultrathin V500 portable media player

Christmas Eve just wouldn't be complete without yet another Chinese PMP surfacing, and this time we're looking at AOC's uber-sleek, ultrathin V500. Just marginally thicker than Apple's latest nano, this unit features a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD, an oh-so-shiny silver enclosure, USB 2.0 connectivity, and handles its fair share of media playing duties. On the audio side, it plays nice with MP3, WMA, and WAV, while you can enjoy those resized versions of Jack Frost and Yule Log (or any Keira Knightley film, obviously) in MPEG4 or AVI formats on the video front. Additionally, it doubles as a JPEG viewer, but doesn't rock any fancy gaming options like many of its competitors. Nevertheless, the V500 should be hitting the Chinese streets soon for an undisclosed price, with versions ranging from 128MB to 2GB in capacity.

[Via Engadget Chinese]