Mitsubishi's RDT221WM Diamondcrysta 22-inch LCD

The shift towards a larger standard screen size isn't a surprising one (remember the dark days of 15-inch CRTs?). Besides, manufacturers need a legal reason to keep prices level as efficiency is continually increased, and consumers can't seem to get enough screen estate. Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few months, then you'll have noticed that the size du jour is22-inchwidescreenLCDs. Mitsubishi is the latest to join the fray with the announcement of the 22-inch RDT221WM Diamondcrysta -- although sadly it doesn't come with any diamonds or crystals. Specs wise, the RDT221WM features a 1680 x 1050 panel which is viewable 160 degrees vertically and horizontally, a hardly dazzling brightness of 300cd/m2, a pretty standard 800:1 contrast ratio, and an average 5ms response time. If that didn't blow your mind (it didn't ours), then the 1W speakers, choice of silver or black bezels, and the non-HDCP DVI-D and VGA inputs probably won't either. No matter, because the ¥59,800 ($506) price tag is pretty much in line with the feature set. If you're still interested, then look for the RDT221WM when it's available on January 26.

[Thanks, vinit]