Samsung's 20 and 22-inch LCD monitors are "Vista Premium certified"

If you're a fan of Samsung's black lacquer, piano finish then be sure to check their new line-up of SyncMaster LCD monitors. Announced in 20-inch (CX206BW) and 22-inch (CX226BW) models, both deliver a 3000:1 contrast ratio and lickity-quick 2ms response time. Resolution? Not announced, but like all the other 22-inchers out there, it's safe to say that this one (pictured) likely sports that ubiquitous 1680x1050 pixel resolution. Besides, given the way Sammy likes to toss the "Full HD" buzz-phrase around, maybe it's best they just keep quiet on the matter, eh? Apparently, these are the "Windows Vista Premium certified," slabs we heard were coming. In other words, they include at least one HDCP-enabled DVI input around back just like most newer monitors sold (only without all the hubbub). In Korea, these will set you back 370,000KRW ($399) for the CX206BW or 439,000KRW ($473) for CX226BW -- chunky bezels: free.