Microsoft to team with Samsung on 22-inch LCD for Vista?

We were just getting used to that whole wave of 21-inch LCDs, when it looks like 22-inchers are going to be the hip new thing in the coming months. A new report is out claiming that Microsoft is working with Samsung to produce a special 22-inch widescreen LCD to work with Windows Vista and be branded with the Microsoft logo. Sounds like they're trying to promote widescreen monitor usage with their new OS, and we're guessing Microsoft wouldn't mind making a few bucks while they're at it. The word from Chi Mei Optoelectronics makes us think that Microsoft and Samsung aren't the only ones to get the 22-inch bug. Dell has reportedly just made a large order for 22-inch widescreen panels from CMO, and LG.Philips and AU are jumping on board as well. There's no telling how heavily Microsoft is going to be recommending 22-inch displays to the users of Aero, but it doesn't look like anybody wants to be left out.

[Thanks, Mr. Kaiser and Will P.]

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