Samsung's (not quite) "Full HD" 22-inch LCD TV: FTW?

Ok, here's a strange one: Samsung floated an LCD television in Korea this morning which they claim is "Full HD" -- in other words, 1080p with a resolution of at least 1920x1080, right? No, in fact, their new CX225MD rig is being reported as having the same 1680x1050 resolution and specs as their 22-inch LCD monitor only dressed-up in a slathering of gloss, under panel speaker, and television tuner. Judging by how all the glamour shots have the rig snuggled up with an Xbox 360, we're guessing this set is targeting gamers so we'll likely find component inputs, HDMI, and HDCP-enabled DVI as found in their CX223B monitor this is based on. But if you're looking for the ultimate convergence panel for your gaming/PC needs first, occasional up-close hi-def TV/movie watching second, then check the new Sharp AQUOS LC-32GS (if you can afford it) which packs a full 1080p, 32-inch display. Otherwise, feel free to rid yourself of the 690,000KRW (about $745) required to take this baby home. Sammy won't mind.

[Via Akihabara]