Apple receives patent for hybrid low-power Bluetooth mouse

Although it took Apple quite awhile before taking its Mighty Mouse to the Bluetooth realm, it looks like Cupertino could have yet another mousing device up its sleeve, this time requiring a few less AA cells to keep that cursor moving about. In a recent patent granted to the company, plans for a "hybrid low-power computer mouse" were laid out, including mention of the Bluetooth protocol. In a presumed attempt to please environmentalists and cut down on battery requirements, the new device would sport both an accelerometer and an optical tracking engine (hence the "hybrid" moniker), and wouldn't activate the latter until the accelerometer's "tracking information is deemed inadequate," hopefully reducing the power usage in its optical mouse. Of course, we've no idea if (or when) Apple plans on implementing this snazzy new design into their current mice, or if it plans to kick out a different animal altogether, but Mr. Jobs would probably love nothing more than for regulators to grab hold of this and force other mice breeders to lay down royalties for the sake of Mother Earth.

[Via SlashGear]