Apple's Bluetooth Mighty Mouse reviewed

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.31.06

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Apple's Bluetooth Mighty Mouse reviewed
So we're sure there's a select few who have managed to resist the temptation to cut the cord and pick up Apple's newest Mighty Mouse, and unless you simply wouldn't feel whole without having it in your collection, you should probably stick with your current rodent. The Unofficial Apple Weblog tried their best to give an unbiased account on the long-overdue device, and while they appreciated the improved accuracy over typical Bluetooth mice (probably due to its laser), it was pretty much downhill from there. We can't say we're surprised that complaints stemmed from the (still) unergonomic design and the difficulty it presented in mousing to tiny targets. Although it performed well over a myriad of surfaces, TUAW thought it still couldn't provide the precision that USB critters can, and offers up no substantial features (aside from Bluetooth) to justify the hefty $70 price tag -- though they still liked it. Besides the fact that this is the same 'ole Mighty Mouse minus a tail, it would appear to these jaded eyes Apple just hasn't provided a compelling reason to ditch your current pet in favor of one with no strings attached.
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