Bluetooth Mighty Mouse already available

Well now we know why Apple "forgot" to file for ye olde confidentiality agreement on the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse FCC filing: they were planning on releasing the wireless rodent into the wild just hours after the documents went live. That's right, if you're looking to cut the cord and add some sweet laser-guided precision to your first-gen Mighty Mouse, you can pick up one of these models immediately for $69 (compared to $49 for the wired version). About the only new bit of information revealed on the official product page is the fact that this mouse will operate with either two or just one AA batteries -- you know, for those times when you're looking to shave every conceivable gram off of your travel weight. As much as we love Apple products, the Mighty Mouse has just never been all that comfortable to use; Bluetooth and laser-tracking are certainly nice additions, but until they make these things more ergonomic, we're holding on to our Logitech gear.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]